iPOS: Bangladesh’s leading POS software

iPOS: Bangladesh’s leading POS software. Streamline sales, control operations, manage shops online.

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iPOS: Bangladesh’s leading POS software

We are a leading POS Software Provider in Bangladesh, iPOS software designed to streamline Point of Sales (POS) transactions. iPOS gives your business a new level of control over operations through increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and helps you to fine-tune your business model. We deliver complete web based POS software with bar code generation and bar code integration by which you can manage multiple shop from a single point through internet.

User Friendly Interface
Integrated Solutions-Stock-Inventory-POS
Real Time Stock & Inventory Tracking
Stock can be transferred between locations/warehouse
Batch & Expiry Tracking and Notifications
Stock Requisition and Approval
Item creation and barcode generation
Barcode Scanning
Sales report of a particular day, item, shop and shift
Stock in, stock out, stock balance and stock valuation
Commission tracking
Purchase Order receiving and creating
Various Reports & Analytics
Support Multiple Payment Methods
Manage Offline Mode

Premium Features

Merchandizing & Order Tracking

With our POS software, you can easily manage your inventory, track orders, and optimize sales. You can also create and apply discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Financial Statements

Our POS software helps you analyze your financial statements with ease. You can generate reports on income, expenses, cash flow, and profitability. You can also compare your performance with industry benchmarks and identify areas for improvement.

Commercial Operations

Our product has a POS software for Commercial Operations. It helps you with sales, marketing, and customer service. It also gives you reports and insights.

Production and QC Operations

Our products have a POS software for Production and QC Operations. It helps you monitor and control the quality and quantity of your products. It also tracks and reports the production and QC processes.


Our product has a POS software for Competencies. It helps you assess and improve the skills and performance of your employees. It also provides feedback and training opportunities.

Sourcing and Supply Chain

Our products have a POS software for Sourcing and Supply Chain. It helps you manage your suppliers, orders, and inventory. It also optimizes your costs and quality.


Why Choose Systech iPOS

When it comes to selecting a technology partner for your business, experience, expertise, and reliability are paramount. Systech Digital Limited, with its impressive 23 years of industry experience, offers tailored software solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Our commitment to quality, comprehensive services, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction made us the ideal choice for businesses seeking a trusted and capable partner. With Systech Digital Limited by your side, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape and achieve your business goals. By choosing our ready software products/solutions, users can benefit from their efficiency, customizability, user-friendliness, scalability, reliability, security, integration capabilities, support, documentation, and cost-effectiveness.


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